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    Spring / Summer 2023

    For her comeback to New York Fashion Week, Chiara Boni invites her guests to a joyful runway show,
    infused with the cheerful vibe of a summer wedding party.
    In a festive atmosphere, the models walk the catwalk in an array of dresses, celebrating the brand’s
    signature sophisticated yet always versatile and dynamic femininity.
    Micro and maxi floral patterns are worked in a kaleidoscopic color palette: it spans from more subdued and discreet shades of white cream and sorbet tones. A parade of impeccably elegant yet highly smart brides close the show on a romantic and happy note.
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    Abito Mego
    Pantaloni Porthos Stampati_Giacca Sem Stampata_Top Vika Stampato
    Abito Waluyo Stampato
    Tuta Sennen Stampata
    Tuta Rimbo
    Abito Sven Stampato
    Abito Elvia
    Abito Martixa
    Abito Sabrina Ep
    Abito Sabrina
    Abito Taffy
    Abito Raimonda
    Abito Tobia
    Abito Netro
    Abito Tersilla Chiffon
    Abito Mariangeleria
    Abito Valmira Chiffon
    Abito Eko
    Tuta Vida
    Abito Pandia
    Abito Marilda
    Tuta Tristana
    Abito Raelynn
    Abito Malva
    Abito Petunia
    Abito Telga Stampato
    Abito Scott Stampato
    Abito Maita
    Abito Picoia
    Abito Tyson
    Abito Zada
    Abito Sabra
    Giacca Bimo Stampata_Pantaloni Porthos Stampati
    Abito Spartaca
    Tuta Malvissima
    Tuta Setiawan
    Abito Cardi Stampato
    2A481D08-A177-457F-AE32-DC22CC10196ECreated with sketchtool.